‘No other Advertising Vehicle turns more heads or holds greater intrigue than our Sky-high Blimps or Spheres or Cubes flying at up to 200 feet high.

Our Advertising Balloon medium is also a unique message-delivery system about your products/services and if you need to be more eye-catching at ground level, how about one of our Cold Air-filled or Air-blown Inflatables- Windymen, Rooftoppers, Arches, Mobile Billboards. These cold air filled inflatables are inflated with a fan blower and so do not require helium gas and what’s more Advertising Inflatables can be made in almost any colour, shape or size.


Windymen/Sky-dancers/Breezy-Geezers are eye-catching inflatables powered by fan blowers and come as tall as 30ft in various colours.

Giant Cold Air Filled Rooftoppers, also called Hot-Air Balloon replicas, are intended to stand in front of a Clients premises or high-traffic areas- Banks, Motor Car Shop, Petrol Station, Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls etc. They can take big, detachable, interchangeable banners to enable you change your messages and are very colourful and eye catching to the passing traffic. What’s more? …They can be fitted with internal light units to illuminate around the clock!

Cold air advertising balloons can be made as? Giant Product Replicas for promotional advertising. They come in various shapes of a product, a character or mascot in any size. We make Giant Product Replicas in custom shapes to reproduce the look of your product. Custom product replica inflatables can either be helium-filled so they can float or cold-air filled so they can be mounted on the ground or rooftop.

We can produce corporate Event Stations, Bouncy Castles, Covered Domes, Arches, Mobile Billboards and special shapes for outdoor promotions made from hardwearing, puncture resistant, flame retardant material that is long lasting. They are filled with a constantly running, mains powered fan blower custom made to your corporate requirements. We also specialise in producing cold airfilled inflatables in your company colours and artworked with a theme, product branding or company logo.

All our advertising inflatables are made from high-quality fabrics suitable for indoor or outdoor use and, with care, will last for many promotions. Each inflatable comes with its own storage bag and is easily transportable.

Our Decoflags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all promotional events.

Here is a list of our products:

Contact us to find out how you can promote your products with fun, eye-catching advertising inflatables.

Inflating your Brands, Products, Logos, Events and Ideas is as Easy as ABC ….

Please Note:

  • Production/Delivery times for most inflatables are 10-21 days
  • Artwork must be provided by Client in Ai Format
  • Production lead time begins to count only after Artwork in “Ai format” from Client has been received and confirmed OK for production
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